January 26, 2020

The Health Management of Women Over Forty

Women are tough. We take care of the people in our life, and do not mind ignoring a few small health problems of our own. That is okay, as long as you do not ignore important signals, signals that you need to discuss with a professional.

Then we get older, 40, 50, and our health and/or our fitness get not so good.

So we go see a doctor.

He might start talking about “women of a certain age or maybe about your “empty nest”, (Yeah right, as if we all don’t like having a bit more time for ourselves!), or blame your divorce or being single.

At best your doctor will do some standard tests, diabetes, blood pressure, weight, etc.

Basically he will not take your complaints very seriously.

Example: A female and a male colleague both had serious problems with their knees, which only got worse. Within six weeks my male colleague got an operation to fix his problems. The female colleague (who had to walk much more at work!) had to wait for 3.5 years for her operation, until she totally could not walk anymore.

Now what can you do if you are a woman over forty struggling with health problems?

Empower yourselves and get support, if you can; collect a lot of information, from reliable sources. Learn to have more self-confidence and to be assertive if need be.

Some health problems you can address yourselves; mostly with a good plan for “fitness” of body, mind and spirit.

Food supplements and vitamins and natural remedies can be very, very helpful and effective. For instance:

Problems with your joints, with (brain-)fatigue: You could take one pill a day of Glucosamine+Chondroitine+MSM.

Problems with sleeping and/or being irritated: Take a melatonin and/or a Valerian before going to bed.

Stressed? Uptight? Magnesium+Calcium(+zinc) will help you, because it helps your body to relax and it is good for your bones.

Renewing your life, yourself, doing or learning new things makes you feel younger and helps to keep your brain fit. (Some experts even say it makes a woman, more attractive to the opposite sex!)

Take at least 15 minutes of ‘quiet time’ to think, dream, feel.

Be open, and do not forget to be grateful for what you’ve got.

The last few years I am functioning well, with a little help with the housekeeping, finally, at last!

I get some medicines from my GP now, after 15 years of struggling with the (male) medical professionals. (When they finally had me scanned, they found a lot of problems, they denied for at least 10 years!)

That I am functioning and living quite well, I thank to a lot of my own studying and doing.

If I had just relied on the ‘help’ I got from the professionals, I would be sitting in a wheelchair, and maybe living in a nursing home.

What a difference your mind plus books and the internet, plus being stubborn and “doctoring” yourself can make!

Of course: always, always go see your doctor first if you have a health problem. He or she has studied for many years and is there to help you.

Also first go see your doctor before starting any kind of ‘treatment’.

But bring a little assertiveness and be very, very clear about your symptoms. Take a list, and be prepared.

Do not be afraid to contradict, for instance when he think it is because you are divorced, or because of your age, or because you have an “empty nest”, when you know you are feeling about the divorce or that you are still very busy and do not miss taking care of the children.

Dear doctors: A woman without a man in her life can do and feel really well.

This is the 21st century and women do not need a man to take care of her. We may like that sometimes, but we can have a great life without that.