January 26, 2020

Mission Possible: 5 Great Apps To Help You Build A Beach Body Before Summer

Are you ready to get fit again since summer is only around the corner? If you don’t start now you’ll not end up with the beach body you crave, so here are a few apps that will help you achieve your mission.

Touchfit: GSP

Open up the app and choose from one of the many different workouts available. When you’re finished each workout you’ll be able to rate each section depending on whether it was easy, tough, or impossible. The app will then take your answers and give you another dedicated workout depending on how the last one went. Workouts can last between 20 minutes and 1 hour depending on how hard you want to go and there is a library of videos that will teach you how to do all the exercises.

Runtastic Six Pack

If you have a six pack it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy, but if you have one everyone will think you’re in peak condition. The only trouble is trying to get one in the first place because it’s not easy. You will need to lose the fat from your belly, but if you want your six pack to stand out you’ll need to perform specific ab exercises and that is where Runtastic Six Pack will help. It will give you all the information you need to build a strong core that separates you from 99% of the population.

Strava Cycling

Do you live in an area where lots of other cyclists spend a lot of time trying to get fit? You’ve probably heard by now about the wonderful ways apps can track almost anything when it comes to cycling, but Strava Cycling comes with a small twist. The app with compare your times with other cyclists who have covered the same areas as you and you’ll see how you compare against them. It means if you want to be the best you’ll have much more incentive to try your hardest every time you go out.

GAIN Fitness

Before you can relax in the spa you need to put in a strenuous shift in the gym if you want to see great results, so GAIN Fitness will show you exactly how to do it. The app will even count out reps while you’re lifting so you know how fast you should be performing each rep. The free version will be enough for most people to get started, but if you want to get even more workouts that focus on certain areas of your body you will need to buy additional workout packs.

Sworkit Pro

If your main goal is to get as fit as humanly possible you should opt for circuit training, because it’s very hard but at the same time very enjoyable. You could always come up with circuits on your own, but Sworkit Pro can do all the hard work for you. Once you get inside the app you’ll be able to choose general circuits or ones focused on certain body parts. You can even create your own after you know what you’re doing and everything can be completed without any equipment.