January 26, 2020

Foods That Lower Cholesterol Levels

Our body provides us with the proper quantity of cholesterol we need, so we don’t have to provide our bodies with cholesterol from other sources. Because cholesterol is a steroid fat in the blood and high cholesterol levels can affect our heart and cause us hazardous heart diseases and increases the potential of strokes. There are various kinds of food which can help you lower your high cholesterol levels and dominate your situation, also help you to lower the high risk of being prone to different heart diseases and the risk of having strokes. If you want to know the 10 foods that lower cholesterol levels stay tuned with the article we are going to reveal these kinds of food.

Bran Foods

Adding bran at your diet can help a lot in lowering high cholesterol levels. Brown rice and oat are full of bran, so you can add them to your diet.

Whole Barley

Barley has the same benefits of oat and rice it can help you to dominate your high cholesterol level and lower it. It can be also used as an alternative of wheat.

Flax Seeds

It has used as an ingredient in various bread goods, and in muffin. Flax seeds can lower your high cholesterol levels, and you can add flax seeds to you oatmeal every day and it will give you amazing results.

Fruits And Vegetables


Garlic is one of the delicious ingredients that you can add to your food and it gives your food the delicious taste. Garlic proved that it had the potential to lower your high cholesterol levels. You can add garlic to your food as a dressing also.

High Lycopene Vegetables And Fruits

Lycopene is the kind of fruits and vegetables that have the red color and lycopene is the main factor that gives the red color to it. Lycopene fruits and vegetables sometimes it lower high cholesterol levels. But sometimes it not but. It guaranteed to reinforce your heart functions.

Pistachios And Walnuts

If you want to lower cholesterol levels effectively you have to consume 30 grams of nuts.


It’s recommended to reduce your levels of high cholesterol, but you have to consume a quantity of half cup. Because almonds have a lot of calories.

Polyunsaturated And Monounsaturated Fats

Such as olive oil, peanuts, peanuts oil, sun flower oil, canola oil, avocados and olives. All of these unsaturated fat foods can reinforce your cholesterol reduction.

Green tea

It’s so popular in East Asia and it’s known as a healthy factor that take the fats away from our bodies and it help a lot in lowering the high levels of cholesterol.

Plant sterols and dark chocolate

We have given you the ideal extract of the 10 foods that lower cholesterol levels. So try to add these healthy kinds of food to your diet and it will help you a lot in lowering the level of high cholesterol.